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Cool Magnetic Drive Pump Vs Canned Motor References

Cool Magnetic Drive Pump Vs Canned Motor References. A centrifugal pump hydraulic driven by a standard motor, must have at the end of the shaft a sealing system. Canned motor pumps vs magnetic drive pumps.

Drive Pumps Versus Canned Motor Pumps Pumps & Systems
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Because of this, the environment is protected and safety is maintained as the containment shell is not subject to damage by rotating parts like magnets. In the direct drive case, though some applications allow the motor to be flooded by fluid (such as in automotive fuel pumps), most require the motor to be protected from the fluid by a. Magnetically driven pumps transfer power using a drive magnet which is fixed to the motor shaft, which rotates an internal magnet attached to the impeller via the magnetic field which exists between the two magnets.

There Are Two Primary Types Of Sealless Pumps;

In applications involving even a small percentage of solids the mag drive system is not the suitable solution. The canned motor pump has the advantages of higher safety, low operating vibration and noise, low failure rate, and small maintenance workload. It is the attraction of the drive magnet and the impeller magnet which allows the full torque of the motor to be passed onto the impeller.

The Concept Of Sealless Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps Has Been Around Since The 1940S.

A sealless mag drive pump is a conventional centrifugal pump without the dynamic seal that would normally be used to seal the pump shaft. Yet, 75% of the pumps’ failures are due to mechanical sealing. There is no risk of leakage unless the pump casing is broken.

A Centrifugal Pump Hydraulic Driven By A Standard Motor, Must Have At The End Of The Shaft A Sealing System.

Magnetic drive pumps have no direct connection between the electric motor shaft and the impeller; The synchronous magnetic coupling transmits torque from the driving outer magnet carrier on the atmospheric side through a static isolation shell to the driven inner magnet carrier inside the pump. How magnetic drive pumps work.

A Better Solution For These Difficult Services Is To Use A Magnetic Drive Pump.

Often, the choice of pump depends only on site standards or preferences. This dynamic seal is replaced by a static containment shell to form a completely sealed liquid end or pressure boundary. Bearings within the single containment shell of mag drive pumps cannot be monitored.

The Connection Between The Motor Drive And The Pump.

Canned motor pumps and magnetic drive pumps. Both canned and magnetic drive pump designs have versions available to handle slurries, liquids at both high and low temperature, and volatile fluids. We've replaced the same canned pumps on another system with displacement chambers and with great succes since the 70's (much dirtier system than what we currently.